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About Us

Golden Infrazone

Golden Infrazone is established to provide Quality Housing Products to the urban population in Uttar Pradesh and subsequently in other states of India. Our endeavour is to provide the Highest Quality, Best Comfort and Most Value to our customers through I nnovation blended with Mother Nature.

Golden Abode

Golden Abode is another quality project from Golden Infrazone in Lucknow. Golden Abode comprises of 2 towers of 7 floors each with independent flats on each floor. Each flat is a stand-alone unit without any common walls- providing natural lighting and aeration from all sides & Balconies on all open sides. Each flat has been designed and constructed to provide the best amenities and comfort and a total value-to-the¬money to our customers- redefining the Urban Lifestyle.

Each flat has been designed as per Vastu Shastra and Building Biology sciences and the buildings have been designed as per Green Building Architecture.

Golden Infrazone is on final stages of planning for launching few more prestigious housing projects in Lucknow very soon located at most advantageous locations.